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IGN: TheDarkPsycho
By TheDarkPsycho » about 1 year ago
Hey Everybody,

Well, it's that time.  Moving day.  FNMC (formally The FC, fromally Flute-Compound) has been running the same map since Minecraft 1.6. For some perspective, MC 1.6 was released July 2013, and Minecraft 1.7 was released October 2013.  Since then it has run on my computer at home, then on two sepereate hosts.  Since then we have had 37 unique players play on the map, hundreds of hours have gone into creations, and the world in general has been pretty amazing.

However, there is also alot of feeling attached to that map.  It's the server that my Father, who passed away last Febuary, played on with my little brother.  I really don't want to risk his builds, and I can't really bring myself to play on this map anymore, as have alot of people.  So, it's time for a map reset.

[b]How this will work[/b]

I have disabled building and mining in the Old World.  However, when you log in you will still be wherever you were in that world.  You should still have access to any chests that you had.  You can gather any last items you need.  To help, I have enabled a one-time-use kit of 9 Shulker Boxes.  These are new to Minecraft 1.11, and will allow you to store items, and when the Shulker box is broken, the times stay in that box, ready to access the next time you place it.  Youc an get this kit by typing "/kit Moving" into the chatbox.  Additionally, you will be keeping your Inventory and End Chest contents accross to the new world.  

Once you have everything you want to take with you, you can head to town (/warp OldTown) and take the Portal to the new world.  The Portal, located where the old Nether portal was in town, will take you to the spawn point of the new world.  From there it's up to you to find a new place to settle down and start building your new base.

Should note - there is no spawn town - yet.  I am hoping that we can get some collaboration on creating a new one around the spawn itself.  But for now - once you leave spawn you are on your own.

Happy New Year, and here's to the server!